Monday, March 23, 2020

Hallways Cleaning Notice

Starting today, our regular cleaning crew will be disinfecting all hallways/entry doors as well as all railings twice a week.

Help stop coronavirus

1 HANDS Wash them often
2 ELBOW Cough into it

3 FACE Don't touch it

4 SPACE Keep safe distance

5 HOME Stay if you can

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Building 3 Water Damage

Some of you may be wondering was is going on with Building 3. Last Thursday, we had some workers in the attic addressing an issue with the ridge vents being plugged. Unfortunately one of them stepped on a sprinkler line and water came gushing down from the third floor all the way down to the first.

There is water damage to 3 hallways, 4 units, and 3 garages. Servpro is currently drying things out, cutting into walls, etc. The insurance adjuster will be on site tomorrow to assess the damages.

Click on the photo above to view all of the photos in the album. We'll be updating the photos regularly.

Tonight's Annual Meeting Canceled

Last night, Mayor Franklin declared a State of Emergency for the City of Everett, as such all Fire Station meeting rooms will be used for COVID-19 quarantine staging and all scheduled meetings have been canceled.

We're looking at our options as far as rescheduling, etc. Watch this space for updates.