Thursday, November 6, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes Updates

The September 18th Board Meeting was cancelled because of a delay with the parking lot asphalt repairs which prevented cars from easily accessing the lot.

The October 16th Board Meeting was cancelled as a quorum was not present.

  • The new Driveway Trees project was completed in September. All of the new shrubs have been planted and mulch was laid out. 
  • Per State regulation, the Reserve Study was updated in September. We’ll use this new information to shape the next budget.
  • Dryer Vents in all buildings were cleaned in early October.
  • The final invoice for the Fire Damages was submitted to the insurance, and full payment was received shortly thereafter. 
  • The cost of Landscaping will increase by 3% next year.
  • The new Gate Access Point was installed in October for a total cost of $2,797.49. New remotes have been handed out. Instructions on ordering additional remotes is available on the website. Additionally, a new sturdier convenience exit button was installed.
  • Impact has notified us that a $5/month fee will now be charged to the association in order to process ACH payments.
  • The Annual Fire Alarm and Insurance Inspections were held in early October. A few units have been notified of Fire Code violations, specifically as it related to the required 18-inch minimum vertical clearance between sprinklers and any material below.
  • One of the units we were attempting to foreclose on is actually being foreclosed on by the bank. We are still moving forward with the Foreclosure proceeding with the other remaining unit. 
  • A Drain Pipe Leak in a unit in building 2 took quite some time to be discovered and fixed. Repairs to the damages are ongoing.

The next Board Meeting will be held on January 15, 2015.